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Shaping Young Smiles in Amarillo, TX

There is no better time to begin correcting a person’s smile than in childhood. At Children’s Dentistry of Amarillo, we specialize in the care and molding of young smiles. Our office is warm, friendly, and safe, and Dr. Billy Metcalf and our team are dedicated to providing the compassionate care that all young patients deserve. If you’re looking for a kids’ dentist in Amarillo that you can trust with your little one’s smile, call our office today.

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Shaping Healthy Smiles on a Daily Basis

Many people believe that a child’s smile cannot be adjusted until the adult teeth come in. That is far from the truth. The best time to mold a person’s smile is when his or her body is still growing and developing. The upper jawbone forms as two separate pieces and doesn’t wholly fuse until adolescence, making childhood the perfect time to shape a smile. That said, the techniques for molding youthful smiles are slightly different from those used on adults. Some methods that our pediatric dentist in Amarillo uses include:

Rapid Palatal Expander: This device is used to slowly widen a child’s jawbone to make room for more teeth. If implemented early on, it can completely negate the need for extensive orthodontic treatment in the future.

Nance Appliance: A nance appliance is installed after treatment with headgear is complete. These appliance safeguards teeth against further movement.

Lip Bumpers: Lip bumpers are designed to keep the lips and cheek off the teeth while wires gently push the molars back to create space for more teeth.

Tongue Thrusting Appliance: Tongue thrusting refers to the habit of continually pushing one’s tongue against the front teeth during common daily activities, such as speaking or swallowing. While this may seem like a minor issue, over time, it can cause long-term orthodontic problems. A tongue-thrusting appliance prevents individuals from thrusting and eventually corrects the problem.

Thumb and Finger Appliance: Though thumb sucking may seem innocent enough, it is a habit that can lead to long-term dental problems. A thumb and finger appliance can prevent sucking of the thumb and protect your little one’s teeth.

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